The Studio

The Tuba Euphonium Studio is made up of a mix of undergraduate and graduate students from all over the United States. They are a very tight knit group of outstanding humans who care deeply for each other and for the discipline of music. There is a good mix of Performance and Education majors within the studio.

The current studio is comprised of the following students:


Eric Dluzniewski- DMA

Nate Galerstein- Senior

Blake Hyman- Junior

Matt Gordon- Sophomore

Michael Van Wagenen- Sophomore

Josh Barron- Freshman


Joseph Guimaraes- DMA

Ben Vasko, MM

Trevor Kiefer- Senior

Derrick Wright- Junior

Elvis Yang- Junior

Ryan Bratton- Sophomore

Kolyo Vanchev- Sophomore

Will Halloran, Freshman

Jonathan Fuller, Freshman

This PDF shares some of the successes that our students have enjoyed over the years. Ultimately, the success of each student is dependent upon his or her work ethic. Having said that, we strive to create an environment that encourages a culture of achievement.

UGA Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

The Tuba Euph Ensemble meets twice weekly and performs a challenging program at least one time per semester. We focus intently on the principles of great chamber music performance. In recent years, the group has performed at the 2014 International Tuba Euphonium Conference, the 2013 United States Army Band Tuba Euphonium Workshop and the 2011 Southeast Tuba Euphonium Conference. For sound clips of the ensemble, be sure to visit the Audio Library page of this website.


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